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In this first summary, we would like to declare that we understand ourselves as a full-range supplier, who not only selects the raisins and wants to serve the mainstream, but we always try to offer a comprehensive and attractive product range for our customers.
We also want to give decision aids and not the same stupid article of 5 different manufacturers on the market, merely that ultimately the customer loses the overview, and among actually equivalent products the more expensive chooses, only because the supposedly better presented.
We always try to supplement the texts provided by the manufacturers with additional meaningful information.
In addition, we have the principle:if we have problems with a product, we stop carrying it.. We are not obligated to offer any product, simply because the manufacturer has it in the assortment. When we receive negative reports on an article, we go into it and react accordingly. It does not help anyone if we sell any items just because they all do.
The other way round, this means of course, that if you find a manufacturer in our assortment but we don‘t have a specific product, please don‘t hesitate to contact us. Usually we can get the item for you, or we can talk about whether or not there is a reason why we don‘t offer this item.
In general, the consultation comes first. No one has anything to do with buying an article due to bad or missing advice, and ultimately returns. This results in only unnecessary costs with regard to shipping and return, as well as the processing of the process. This time is in our eyes better invested in an enlightening conversation before buying.
In our specialist departments, you have competent employees with many years of experienceat your disposal. We can clarify many questions and uncertainties in a short discussion and help you make the right choice from our range. The contacts on the phone have seen the majority of the devices or at least very many of them already in their own hands. This allows us to better advise, rather than just read the manufacturers' texts.
As far as possible, we also provide instructions and product videos online. Especially in the area of light effects, it makes more sense to take half an hour to look at product videos instead of ordering one article after another. Our employees in the light department know the photo-studios in which product pictures or product videos are made. We are also happy to help you by phone, if you are unsure.
Especially the brightness of light effects is often difficult to estimate, if one has no comparison values and the question 'how bright is a Watt LED' can not be answered with a simple number. It depends on factors such as the brightness distribution in the light cone, of course the angle of radiation and the color composition. In addition, different types of LEDs have different efficiencies and it is still customary to specify the power consumption as a comparison value for the brightness. Also the type of application is relevant. To the question 'what spotlight is the best?' The correct answer is a counter-question: 'for which application are you looking for a spotlight?'
Short range, longer distances? White light, color mixing or best both? Maybe more two-track: white light + colored headlights, or allrounders who can do everything? Control via DMX or Sound to Light? Few, strong headlights, or several weaker? Indoor, outdoor? Dimmable? RGB RGBA RGBW RGBAW RGBAW + UV? What is COB? Multichip, single chip, cluster LED?
Much of this can be clarified in a short discussion with our experts.
It isn‘t that simple, of course, with sound engineering. You can talk for hours on the sound of a loudspeaker. If you listen to it and consciously perceive it, you get a much more detailed impression within a very short time and, above all, your own impression. That is why we have a selection of loudspeakers in our showroom in Aschheim for demonstration ready for you. Our staff will be able to show you the differences by means of practical examples and find the right product for you.

We don‘t want you to buy twice until you get the right one.
We want you to find the right one and therefore want to buy again.

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