FAQ's – Frequently asked Questions

Can I pick up the goods?
Yes, but please note that we do not have all items in stock in Aschheim.
You can recognize stock articles on: In stock Aschheim available.
All other articles can be ordered anyway for subscription. You will always receive an e-mail notification as soon as all articles from your order are ready for you.

Is my package already on the road?
You will be automatically informed about the progress of your order by e-mail.
A shipping confirmation including package number usually takes place on the evening of the delivery day.

Why I can’t pay on account (private person)?
The purchase is via PayPal.
The amount is limited to max. 1500, -€.
In some cases it may happen that the purchase is not accepted on the invoice by Paypal. e.g. Lack of creditworthiness.

Do you have a rental?
No, all products in our range are for sale and not for hiring.

What are the different values in the availability display?
With the help of database queries, we check several thousand items daily on their availability status.
We differentiate between four different situations:
The product is in stock in our warehouse - Available from stock Aschheim - this information is requested live. At the time you load the article page in your browser.
The article is confirmed in the external warehouse according to the stock availability - available from stock
The article is confirmed according to online query not in stock - currently not available
There are currently no reliable data available - no confirmed date

As soon as we receive further information on the availability, such as a delivery date, this is entered and displayed at this point.
If an item is on the availability status "Yellow - no confirmed date", and you still need it at short notice and reliably, please give us a call or contact us by email. We would be pleased to provide you with the most accurate possible information.
No legal claim can be derived from the availability information. Despite careful testing, errors may occur in database matching.